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Meet Danny Yadegar

Real Estate is Danny’s passion. He views each property as a unique opportunity for its owners to express themselves through improvements, to deeper connect with the surrounding neighborhood, and to build wealth by making a smart investment. He builds each client relationship upon trust, integrity, and clear communication. He also provides colorful feedback when he sees something he doesn’t like.

Danny holds a BA in Economics, BS in Landscape Architecture, and a Masters in City Planning from M.I.T. He has remodeled multiple residential properties, developed affordable housing, and negotiated largescale housing developments on behalf of the City and County of San Francisco. His development experience helps him coach his clients on which remodel projects will be fun and exciting! and which will ruin their marriage. Danny leverages his knowledge of buildings, the permitting process, and neighborhood trends to help clients secure the dream property that fits their lifestyle and their budget.

Born in San Francisco and raised in Berkeley, he enjoys doing transactions on both sides of the Bay. He currently resides in the Castro District, his mother nearby in South Beach, and his grandmother in Nob Hill. He is a proud member of a dwindling group of San Francisco natives.

He has no children, no cats, no dogs – though he is known to dote on a chocolate lab. He really has very few distractions that prevent him from being entirely responsive to his clients’ every question and need. When he’s not reading reports or writing offers he enjoys biking, hiking, climbing, and teaching improv.

Increasingly inspired by the communities that he serves, Danny gives back a portion of his earnings to Bay Area nonprofits. You certainly don’t have to work with Danny, but he fears you might be seriously missing out if you don’t.

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